PRESS RELEASE October 22, 2015

On Monday, October 19, 2015 at approximately 7:00pm members of the Gretna Police Department responded to Ochsner Westbank Hospital emergency room in reference to a 3 year old male with head injuries.

Upon officers arrival it was learned that the victim was brought to the hospital by his aunt, Ardella Lorio, and his uncle, Solomon Nixon, who had departed the hospital prior to officer’s arrival. It was further learned that the victim was unresponsive with no pulse or breathing when he arrived at the hospital. Hospital personnel performed CPR and were able to regain a pulse, the victim was listed as critical but in stable condition.

The victim was transported to Children’s Hospital for further treatment including surgery in an attempt to relieve pressure on the brain.

Officers were able to locate both the aunt and uncle. The aunt was located in Algiers and the uncle was located at Ochsner Westbank when he returned with the victim’s father.

Officers conducted interviews with the aunt and uncle. It was learned that the aunt was caring for the victim, due the mother having been injured and paralyzed from the waist down. During the interview with the aunt, a confession revealed she intentionally slammed an iron security gate that the child was hanging onto into the door and door frame. The force from the child being slammed in the door and falling to the ground caused the severe head trauma.

After surgery the staff at Children’s Hospital advised that the victim was on life support and any additional treatment would be futile. Officers were advised that the child suffered a sub-dermal hematoma and severe brain shifts.

The suspect’s aunt, Ardella Lorio, B/F, with a date of birth of 06/31/1981 was initially charged with 14:93.2 “Second Degree Cruelty to Juvenile”.

The victim expired Wednesday evening. The autopsy results require further neurological and forensic review before the medical cause of death is determined. The suspect can be charged with 14:30.1 “Second Degree Murder” pending the outcome of this forensic analysis.

Anthony H. Christiana, Jr.
Deputy Chief of Police

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