On Thursday, 17 June 2016, at 0029 hours, members of the Gretna Police Department were working an off-duty detail, in full uniform, at a lounge on the Gretna / New Orleans city line, near Algiers, when information was obtained from a lounge patron of an attempted armed robbery that just occurred, in New Orleans, within a half block from the Gretna city line. The incident involved two armed subjects, African American males, in a maroon Buick. Gretna officers notified additional Gretna Police Patrol units and New Orleans Police communications of the incident.

The Gretna officers proceeded to the city line and conducted surveillance, searching for the suspects and vehicle.

A short time later, the Gretna Officers observed two subjects standing near a maroon Buick at Theard St and L.B. Landry in New Orleans, at the jurisdictional lines.

The officers observed a male and female couple walking past the Buick, at which time the subjects approached the couple and forced them to lay on the ground at gun point, taking the female’s purse and unknown property from the male. The officers again conveyed the information to NOPD, when the now suspects entered the Buick and fled the scene, they entered the Gretna City Limits.

Gretna Police officers were able to quickly stop the vehicle, at which time the driver, identified as Pershing Brown, fled from the vehicle on foot. A foot chase ensued with Brown and the passenger, identified as Broderick Fleming, were subsequently apprehended.

The officers recovered two handguns, the female victim’s purse and the keys and the watch that were taken from the male victim. The victims positively identified Brown and Fleming as the armed robbery suspects.

Brown, has a previous manslaughter conviction in New Orleans. Brown was charged with Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Possession of Stolen Property, and Flight From an Officer.

Fleming has a previous conviction for Kidnapping and Armed Robbery in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Fleming was charged with Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Possession of Stolen Property.

New Orleans Police Officers obtained warrants for both suspects for the armed robbery which occurred in New Orleans., at which time they were booked accordingly into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center by Gretna officers.

Authorized by:

Anthony H. Christiana, Jr.
Deputy Chief of Police
Gretna Police Department

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