The Gretna Police Department has received complaints from citizens stating that they have received calls from someone indicating they are with the Gretna Police Department demanding a cashier’s check.  The callers are using names of officers presently with the department stating there is a warrant out for their arrest and demanding money so the warrant can be recalled.  Callers are utilizing an app that displays to the person receiving the call that the call is coming from the Gretna Police Department’s phone number.

 This is NOT the Gretna Police Department placing these calls and the Gretna Police Department would never use these types of tactics.

 If anyone receives a call like this please contact the Gretna Police Department or the department whose jurisdiction in which you reside immediately.

 Should you have any questions regarding this matter please contact The Gretna Police Department by calling 911 or the main line 504-366-4374.

 Authorized by:


Arthur S. Lawson, Jr.

Chief of Police

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