On Saturday, July 28, 2018 at approximately 4am the Gretna Police Department stopped several individuals in the area of Weyer Street and 5th Street, who appeared to be juveniles carrying a Teenage Ninja Turtle backpack which was later discovered to contain an empty magazine for a .40 caliber weapon, a pair of gloves and numerous other items.

At approximately 8am the Gretna Police Department received a call from 529 3rd Street when the homeowner entered the vehicle to leave for work and noticed items missing.  During the course of the investigation it was learned that the victim had surveillance cameras installed in her home which captured the crime in progress at approximately 2:52am.  After viewing the video the investigating officers believed that all the suspects appeared to be younger juveniles.  Knowing information had been passed on from the previous watch regarding the previous night’s events the officers believed the individuals in the surveillance video may have been the same individual stopped earlier that morning.  Upon the night watch returning back to work that evening, officers viewed the video, at which time it was confirmed by both facial and clothing recognition that the individuals in the video were the suspects stopped by the officers the previous night.  Officers continued the investigation receiving additional surveillance camera videos showed the four previous suspects as well as a fifth suspect committing several other vehicle burglaries at 210, 220, 221 Amelia Street.

 An off duty officer who had been involved in the initial stop of the suspects noticed a Facebook post by someone who’s vehicle was burglarized depicting a Teenage Ninja Turtle backpack, that was stolen that he had since his early childhood.  The officer then realized that this was the same backpack that was carried the night before when he made the pedestrian stop.  The information was relayed to investigating officers and officers positively identified the backpack as the one carried by one of the suspects.  Through a search warrant obtained through the investigation some of the property stolen from the eight vehicle burglaries was recovered including the backpack and clothing worn during the commission of the crimes. 

 Presently Videll Holmes, 03/24/2001, of 1225 Truxton Street, Gretna has been arrested for 8 counts of Simple Burglary of a vehicle and 3 counts of Contributing to the Delinquency of Juveniles.  Three additional arrest warrants have been obtained for four juveniles, a fifth suspect only identified only identified as a black male who goes by the name of “Nemo” is presently being sought by the Gretna Police Department.

 The addresses where the burglaries occurred are 529 3rd Street, 210, 220, and 221 Amelia Street, 501, 521, Newton Street and 532 and 538 2nd Street.

 The Gretna Police Department is continuing its investigation and believes that these suspects have been involved in previous vehicle burglaries in the city of Gretna and Terrytown.

 For additional information please contact the Gretna Police Department 504-363-1701 or 504-366-4374.


Authorized by:


Arthur S. Lawson, Jr.

Chief of Police

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