On Saturday, November 2, 2019, at approximately 3:22pm members of the Gretna Police Department were dispatched to the Gretna Park Apartments, 901 Gretna Boulevard, in reference to a shooting.

 Upon arrival officers located a black male, later identified as Walter Wilson, B/M, DOB 09/21/1987, last known address 901 Gretna Boulevard, Apt. # B9-15, with multiple gunshot wounds and had succumbed to his injuries on the scene. Mr. Wilson’s body was turned over the the Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office on the scene.

 Through witnesses statements officers were able to develop two suspects, Willie Slater, black male, 09/08/1982, with the last known address of 901 Gretna Boulevard, Apt # A1-16, and his brother, Harold Slater, black male, 05/04/1986, who also resided at 901 Gretna Boulevard, Apt. #A1-02.

 Witnesses were able to positively identify both Willie Slater and Harold Slater as the individuals responsible for the death of Walter Wilson.

 Detectives were able to locate both suspects at 901 Gretna Boulevard, where they were arrested without incident.

 Detectives were able to obtain a confession and where the weapon had been discarded.  Detectives have located the weapon which is a black M & P Shield semi-automatic .40 caliber handgun.

 Information uncovered by detectives is that the incident was a result of a continued ongoing dispute between the individuals involved over a female and drugs.

 Both suspects were transported to the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center and booked with 2nd Degree Homicide.

 Willie Slater has previous felony arrest with four (4) convictions.  The arrest are for Distribution of Cocaine and Aggravated Battery.  The four convictions are for the Cocaine Distribution.

 Harold Slater has previous felony arrest for narcotics violation with one conviction.

 Authorized by:


Arthur S. Lawson, Jr.

Chief of Police

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