On Thursday, September 27, 2018, the Gretna Police Department was contacted by a Jefferson Parish School Board investigator regarding possible inappropriate interactions between a teacher, identified as Kim Minor (black male 10-30-57), and a student. 

            Detectives learned an investigation began through the school board, due to a twitter.com message feed, where past and present students were commenting on a teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School, located at 17 Gretna Blvd. Gretna, LA, indicating the teacher was making sexual comments to students. During the course of the school boards investigation, they were able to learn the teacher was Kim Minor (B/M 10-30-57). Further investigation revealed Mr. Minor inappropriately touched a female student, at which time the Gretna Police Department was notified.

            Detectives began their investigation and interviewed several past and present students of Thomas Jefferson High School. During the course of interviewing the students, it was learned Mr. Minor made several statements sexual in nature to past and present students. These comments included about how beautiful the person(s) was, how he liked the person(s) body, asking to have sex, and even referring to putting a female student on a plate for dinner.

 Detective also interviewed a present student who advised Mr. Minor began making inappropriate comments to her the end of the 2017/2018 school year. The comments started with Mr. Minor commenting about her body, to how pretty she was, and then to calling her sexy. Mr. Minor would also always ask for hugs, which she allowed but felt uncomfortable. Mr. Minor continued the comments until Mr. Minor went a step further and told the student he wished he could kiss her. The female student further stated Mr. Minor then went a step further when she was in a classroom with him alone. The student explained she went to Mr. Minor classroom to ask a question, and upon leaving Mr. Minor made a comment, “Your butt looks good,” then grabbed her buttock with his hand. The female student did not say anything to Mr. Minor and just left the classroom.

 Due to the above learned facts, a warrant was issued for Kim Minor for LRS 14:81.4 (Prohibited Sexual Contact between Educator and Student).

 For additional information please contact the Gretna Police Department 504-363-1701 or 504-366-4374.

 Authorized by:


Arthur S. Lawson, Jr.

Chief of Police


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