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The Gretna Police Department and the Gretna City Code Enforcement Department work hand in hand with regulating and enforcing city ordinances concerning housing, unsafe structures, inoperable vehicles, weeds and graffiti on private property. Property owners are ultimately responsible for the care and maintenance of their properties, regardless of whether they are the actual occupant(s) or the property houses tenants.

This partnership ultimately tries to make properties safer through protection against both criminal elements and personal safety, as well as safer through public health and sanitation procedures which affect everyone.

If you suspect something in your neighborhood might be a code violation, please fill in the form below as completely as possible.

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Report Suspected Violation

  • Please be specific when providing a description of the issue. Providing us with detailed informtion will allow us to more quickly locate and resolve the problem. My neighbor at 1100 XYZ Street is building a twelve foot barbed-wire fence around the entire lot line.
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