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crimesceneThe Criminal Investigations Division is a division within the Operations Bureau of the Gretna Police Department. This division is manned by 10 officers, 1 lieutenant, 1 sergeant and 8 investigators. This division is comprised of two units: General Assignment and Narcotics Investigations.

The General Assignment Unit is responsible for investigating all major criminal offenses inclusive of homicide, armed robbery, sexual assault, child abuse, burglary and other violation of the law.

The Narcotic Investigations Unit is a proactive operation charged with the responsibility of investigating crimes involving all narcotic violation, vice and public moral crimes. This unit is also responsible for all asset seizures. This unit is a member of the Multi Jurisdictional Task Force and various other federal, state, and local task forces.

The Criminal Investigation Division is available 24 hours a day to respond to the investigative needs of the department and the citizens of Gretna.

The City of Gretna Clerk of Court Functions and Responsibilities:

The Clerk of Court is located at 327 Huey P Long, Gretna and is in operation Monday’s through Friday’s from 8:15 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. The Clerk’s Office is comprised of a Clerk of Court, Deputy Clerks, and a bailiff. The Clerk of Court’s Office is responsible for:coc

· Entering all misdemeanor arrests / summons cases and citations into the Clerk of Court Management System.

· Scheduling arraignments and trials on all cases to be heard by the Magistrate of the City of Gretna.

· Maintaining all magistrate court records.

· Collecting fines and fees.

· Issuing Taxi Cab Permits.

· Issuing Alcoholic Beverage Permits.



The City of Gretna Clerk of Courts Office can be reached at (504) 227-7325.

The Community Policing Division was established to create a greater level of communication between the community and law enforcement. This philosophy results in a reduction of crime and an improved quality of life for the residents.

comm-polThis approach ensures that the officers have sufficient time to dedicate to proactive problem-solving and partnership-building efforts. This partnership opens lines of communication, and is essential in addressing local problems. They work closely with city code enforcement to help implement community cleanup programs.

The Community Policing Division actively maintains citizen and community oriented programs such as the Police Explorer Program, Citizens Police Academy, Neighborhood Watch program. The division also maintains several youth safety programs such as bicycle helmet and car seat inspections, including providing helmets and car seats to low-income families.

The Emergency Medical Services Division was incorporated into the Gretna Police Department in 1984. The Gretna Police Department EMS Division has an average response time of 1-3 minutes and averages approximately 200 responses per month. The Division has a special advantage over private ambulance services because all members are trained as police officers. There are no delays on violent scenes caused by waiting for law enforcement officers to arrive.

emsThe EMS Division consists of nine officers, whose qualifications range from basic Emergency Medical Technician to the Paramedic level. These officers are cross-trained as police officers. In addition, many officers are highly trained in various other types of rescue. All officers of the Division have five to 25 years experience in the emergency medical field. The Division also receives assistance from other officers of the Patrol Division who are Medical Technicians or First Responders; a mandatory requirement for all officers of the Department. The Division is supervised by a Commander and has a secretary for billing purposes.

The Division is supplemented by a four-mill property tax passed by the residents of the City of Gretna, in addition to insurance collections and payments by non-residents.

The Gretna Police Department assumed administration of the Jefferson Parish Adult Home Incarceration Program on April 3, 2000. At that time, the program monitored 135 defendants and currently has 250 defendants. Defendants are referred to the Home Incarceration Program not only from Jefferson Parish District and Municipal Courts, but also from district and parish courts outside of Jefferson Parish and occasionally the State of Louisiana. The Jefferson Parish Adult Home Incarceration Program has been recognized as a model program which is being adopted by other parishes throughout Louisiana and other states in their development and administration of home incarceration program in their respective jurisdictions.

In addition to the Home Incarceration Program, an Alcohol Monitoring Program is administered in conjunction with the “I Can Drug Court” program in Jefferson Parish. This is the first of its kind in the United States whereby drug court defendants are also monitored through an alcohol monitoring program for the consumption of alcohol as a secondary substance abuse while completing treatment for drug abuse. This has proven to be a valuable tool for the evaluation and follow-up treatment of defendants by clinical staff and the sentencing courts.

Officer The duties of the Patrol Division are to investigate all violations of city and state ordinances and statutes, and all applicable parish and federal statues, ordinances, and laws.

The Patrol Division handles traffic violations and handles all calls for service no matter what the call for service may be.   The Patrol Division performs all the traditional functions of a motorized patrol force. In addition, the division is extremely service oriented. The philosophy of the Patrol Division is high visibility and proactive policing through officer initiated activity.

The Patrol Division functions as the most visible unit of the department, aspiring to serve the community in a competent and professional manner.

The Reserve Division is comprised of community members who wish to volunteer as a police officer. These officers supplement the full-time officers in a variety of duties throughout the department.

They patrol in vehicles, on bicycle patrol and provide security for large events. Most reserve officers work with full-time officers, but all are qualified to patrol on their own. This program is ideal for individuals who have an established career and do not wish to make a full transition into law enforcement.

Reserve officers have the same police powers, wear the same uniform, receive the same level of training and perform the same as full-time officers. Reserve officers are unpaid professionals that serve the community in which they live.

For any questions about the Gretna Police Departments Reserve Division, please call Captain Sonny Burmaster.



Court Security
The Security Division is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment to the employees and visitors to the Jefferson Parish Government Complex. This Complex consists of the office of the Jefferson Parish Council, Parish President, Parish Attorney, Parish District Attorney, Clerk of Court, Assessor, 24th. Judicial Court of Jefferson Parish, 2nd. Parish court and other government entities.

The security Division remotely monitors over 40 Jefferson Parish facilities via the internet, accessed C.C.T.V. and alarm monitoring.

The Security Division accomplishes its mission by using state-of-the-art detection equipment which includes x-ray screening, metal detectors, C.C.T.V. and computer-based access control and alarm monitoring.

Information Technology
prineville-servers-1000 The Information Technology Division for the Gretna Police Department performs many tasks. First and foremost is the security and maintenance of the local area network and servers for the Gretna Police Department.

The Technology Division assists in the investigations of malicious computer crimes. They also assist in the technical side of investigations.

SWITCHThe division also maintains the mobile computers for the officers in the police units. These mobile computers allow officers complete police reports in the field and conduct wanted checks on people and vehicles.

Park Ranger
parkrangersThe Park Rangers patrol Mel Ott and Bellevue Parks with the mission of visitor safety. They are highly visible during the peak summer months. Park Rangers enforce city ordinances and permit compliance.
Recruitment & Training

The Gretna Police Department Training Academy is one of 27 academies in the state of Louisiana certified by the Peace Officers Standards and Training Council (POST). The Academy operates within our Operations Bureau. The Training Division conducts basic training for new recruits as well as in-service training for members of the department and outside agencies. It is the goal of the Training Division to provide officers with top-notch training, enabling them to perform the duties of a law enforcement officer in a professional manner.

 These are some of the subjects taught during basic training:

– Criminal law, constitutional law, and motor vehicle laws
– Firearms, including the revolver, semiautomatic pistol, and shotgun
– Arrest control techniques
– Accident investigation and reporting
– Report writing
– Criminal investigation techniques and courtroom testimony
– First Responder and CPR
– Radio procedures
– DUI enforcement and drug enforcement
– Physical fitness training

This is only a sampling of courses taught to recruits during basic training. Recruits receive over 550 hours of training prior to graduation from the Academy. Upon graduation from the Academy, officers are certified as law enforcement officers by the LA Peace Officer Standards and Training Council.

Training is conducted at the Gretna Police Complex located at 200 Fifth Street in Gretna. Classes are conducted in a state-of-the-art classroom that is equipped with the latest audio, video and computer equipment.

The Academy normally provides one basic training class per year. This is geared for recruits with full-time employment seeking to become Reserve Officers. Classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 6pm. – 10pm., and on Saturdays from 8am. – 4pm. The Gretna Police Department does provide full-time academies (Monday through Friday 8am. – 5pm.) as the need is dictated by local law enforcement agencies.

School Resource Officer
The School Resource Officer Program has the main responsibility of school safety. Whether it is the safety of staff or students, they ensure that the environment for learning is a safe one. Their main duty is to deter and handle any criminal activity that occurs on campus.

Their daily duties include walking hallways during and between classes, monitoring the camera system for any problems, handling student disputes, and sometimes just lending an ear. This is a multi-dimensional job that requires officers to be many things to many people.

The Traffic Division provides professional traffic safety services within the city. These efforts are accomplished through education, technology and enforcement. Problem solving will include the community to address traffic concerns.

This division also conducts investigation for incidents such as hit and run accidents, D.W.I., fatalities, or any situation involving serious injury or death resulting from a traffic collision.

The goal of the Traffic Division is to help reduce the number of collisions citywide through an aggressive enforcement program, educational efforts, and in cooperation with the city engineers.

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