A Continuing Education Program for Citizens of our Community

Class Limited to 20 Participants

Upcoming dates:
-August 12, 2017
-August 26, 2017
-September 16, 2017

Mel Ott – Multi Purpose Center
2301 Belle Chasse Highway
Gretna, Louisiana
8:00 – 5:00

Do you want to learn how to be safe in your car, home, and in public?
Answer these questions and more.

-Am I aware of my surroundings?
-Where is it safe to park?
-What do I do if my car breaks down?
-When do I get on an elevator?
-Do I go up a stairwell?
-What is a date rape drug?
-Am I at risk for an attack?

Do you want to learn counter-moves to attacks?

-What do I do if someone comes up behind me and chokes me?
-How do I get away from a perpetrator?
-What if someone is trying to get me in their automobile?
-Where is the body vulnerable?

Learn Defensive Tactics based upon Center Nervous System Override

No matter what your size and skill –¬ It is about how the body works!


For more information call Officer Barbara Manton at (985) 237-9747 or email empoweringwomentowin@gmail.com or alore@gretnapolice.com.

The program is available at NO cost to residents of the City of Gretna and 24th JDC Employees. A $40.00 tax deductible donation to the Gretna Police Benevolent Association for all others wishing to attend is due the morning of the class.
Please fax your registration form to (504) 363-1725
Attn: Officer Ann Lore.

EW2W Registration Form



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